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Fashion vs. Function. Boots. Performance & Comfort

A good pair of winter boots can help make winter exponentially better. Whether you shovel feet upon feet of snow every winter or you spend time outside in cold temperatures getting to and from the office, we’re here to help you choose the footwear that will best suit your needs. Most of the boots we provide are geared more for around town use and winter living, rather than extreme technical activities.

In this article, we will discuss such topics as Fashion vs. Function, Tall vs. Short Boots along with Performance & Comfort. Throughout each of these sections, we will touch on the different types of snow boots available. You can read more about how each of these snow boot styles here.

Fashion vs. Function

Footwear plays a major role in a woman’s overall look and since many women purchase winter boots for use around town, we’re going to start off with a debate about fashion vs. function. As with most products, it is important to first consider how you plan to use your boots and what the weather in your region is like. If you live in an extremely cold and snowy area, it may be critical to purchase a tall, burly boot like Katharina Coffee that has super warm insulation. On the other hand, if you are looking specifically for a winter walking boot the Maksim Buttoned Black will certainly do the trick. In the case of a city boot, style is probably at the top of your priority list like the Nikita Low Natural; however, if you are on the hunt for a boot for general around town use, then the Sascha Coffee balances function with ultimate style style.