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ZDAR Boot Wool Felt Care
Your ZDAR Winter or Snow Boot Boot is crafted and manufactured exclusively natural materials. As with all natural materials some proper care is required to maintain appearance: When dry use a soft brush with natural bristles, like horsehair to remove dust.? When dry use a water repellant spray from time to time or as needed The dense wool felt used in Zdar Boots is 100% lamb’s wool with a high content of natural tallow and oils and is highly resistant to water, though a a water repellant spray from time to time is strongly encouraged. Similarly wool fibers are naturally resistant to dirt though the occasional brush (in one direction) to remove excess dirt and dust is also encouraged. Important: Allow your Zdar Boots to thoroughly dry before brushing or applying water repellants Never brush when the felt is still wet.

ZDAR Boot Suede Trim Care
The suede trimming can be cleaned in a similar fashion to that of the Wool felt. Use damp cloth, to soak up moisture, while the boots are still wet. Additionally there are a number of specialized products suitable for suede cleaning. Try on a small corner first to test any product before applying it to the whole area. After cleaning and drying, it is especially advisable to use waterproofing spray on the suede sections.

ZDAR Boot Leather Trimmings Care
The leather trimmings can be cleaned with a damp cloth or a leather cleaning product. To restore the shine of the leather it can further be treated with shoe cream. Please be very careful to apply the shoe cream to the leather section only and apply in small quantities to prevent, the shoe cream from migrating onto the felt. Please select the color of the shoe cream carefully and please always test on a small section first. We recommend the use of transparent color shoe cream.

ZDAR Boot Drying Care
If iour Boots are wet please give them sometime to rest and dry after use to allow moisture to thoroughly evaporate. Normal room temperature in a well ventilated environment is sufficient. We discourage any method of to speed up the process of drying such as placing your boots next to a heating device as this may damage the wool fibers. Wool felt has the ability to store large amounts of moisture due to its it a high content of natural tallow and oils – excessive heat will dry out these oils.