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At ZDAR we are conscious of sustainability.

ZDAR Snow and Winter boots are crafted to endure, we use sheepskin wool felt, calfskin and cow leather. The single layer of Felt is unique as our boots do not require any lining or reinforcement layer in the upper, neither do we use chemical reinforcements in the toe or heel like conventional shoes. However, to create a long lasting shoe, lasting season after season, we though it best to use PU glues for a perfect bonding of the outsoles.

Zdar – Woolfelt
Wool is composed of the same protein that makes up the outer protective layer of your skin and wool works in total harmony with your body’s own protection mechanisms – Wool is the oldest man made material, and has been used for thousands of years. Wool insulates against heat and cold, and is resilient to dirt, and repels liquid. All ZDAR Snow Boot are 100% Sheep wool the felts are highly compressed and the tightly interlocked fiber structure make the boots virtually waterproof.

To ensure the comfort of out shoes we are use a foot bed made from PU.
PU is the longest lasting of all foam materials and it will not loose its cushioning properties even after years of daily use.

ZDAR – Outsole
Rugged outside with high natural rubber component.
Multidirectional outsole profile ensures good traction in virtually all conditions. The Hemp fabric inlay results in fibers sticking out from within the rubber an ensures superior traction on ice.

Masha- Unites wool felt in the forefoot and heavy knitwear on the upper portion.

Nikita- Made with Wool felt in harmony with Lamb, Rabbit and Fox skin. The inner lining is 100% Wool.

Sascha- The union of Shearling and Wool felt make the Sascha one of the warmest boots in the collection, along with Igor.

Igor- The union of Shearling and Wool felt make the Igor one of the warmest boots in the collection, along with Sascha.

Maksim- Lined in Shearling. The Maksim is a blend of Wool Felt and Nubuck.

Katharina- Our signature boot with simplest of patterns is made from 2 pieces of wool felt. Available in Silver, Black, Coffee and Natural tones.

Aliona- With its upper consisting of revere Shearling the Aliona is available in Black, Coffee or Cream and has a 3 button closure. The forefoot is Wool felt.